Warthog WtWarthog Wt

Warthog WT 3/8″ F

Quick Overview

Strengths of Warthog nozzles are controlled rotation and power of its jets

Connection 3/8″ F
Ø x L (mm) 48 x 76
Weight (kg) 0.5
Front port 1 x 15°
Rear ports 2 x 30°
Radial ports (only in DS head)
Flow (lt/min) 20-45
Max pressure (bar) 350
Working DN (mm) 60-200

All the water is sprayed out from the rough few, but high quality inserts with flow straightener. The combination of these features makes these nozzles unique and indispensable for the toughest high pressure jobs.
These nozzles are offered as package in plastic case with double set of inserts and tools to change the configuration quickly.
With special service and overhaul kits, these nozzles can be regularly serviced for long durability.

Part Number Description
75000.53 3/8″ WT WARTHOG NOZZLE
ST.WT600 Kit, service (WT)